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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The Tranquility Team take your privacy very seriously. This statement is designed to help you to understand what we may do with the information that you give us about yourself. It relates only to our actions within the salon and how you interact with our website it does not extend to your access or use of the Internet outside of our website or any other website that may be linked to us. (they will have a privacy policy of their own)



Information we may collect about you


We ask you to complete a client record card on your first visit to the salon. This is limited to your personal details including your name, phone numbers and email address. The same details can also be left with us if you complete the contact form on our website.


We also ask you to give us information about your health, medications and any allergies that you may be suffering from.


We record each treatment that you attend with date, the name of the therapist who treated you and the treatment or combination of treatments that you have had.


How we will use your details


We will hold your treatment record in a paper version in the salon, this record is kept secure within the premises and never leaves the premises for any reason. It is only available to members of staff.


We also hold your personal details on the online booking system that we are in partnership with. The online booking system is called Treatwell. They also have their own privacy statement. If you book via the Treatwell app they will pass your details to us. They will have your name, contact number, and email address. They will also have a record of your treatments to date and planned.


We may record with them any medical information that may be relevant for health and safety reasons.


If your initial contact is via the salon we put your booking onto the Treatwell system you will be asked to sign the GDPR consent on the record card that we hold.


The Treatwell online booking system has a secured server.


We will never give or sell our client personal details to third parties unless we have prior permission from you to do so in writing.


An example of this would be if another client wanted to contact you we would contact you giving you the number of the person who requested to make contact. We do not deal with anyone who deals in data collection.


None of your personal details will be stored on our website.


Should you not attend for a period of one year your paper record card will be securely destroyed and a new record card created should you return to the salon for treatment at a later date. The record on Treatwell remains in existence and is their responsibility for GDPR purposes.

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