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Covid 19

We would like to reassure all prospective and regular clients as to the measures we have taken to ensure staff and client safety during the current pandemic.


As we are a small salon with only two treatment rooms we are restricted for the number of clients who can attend the salon and we only ever have two therapists on duty at any one time.


We are able to stagger the arrival and departure of clients and have a large enough reception area to ensure social distancing if required.


Screens have been positioned at the manicure station and the reception desk


Sanitiser is provided at the main door of the salon. We ask all clients to use this on arrival.

Clients can alternatively head through the salon to the toilet facilities to wash their hands before treatment should they prefer, as long as they do not touch anything on route.


Staff will wear mask and visor for all close contact treatments.

We ask all clients to wear a mask when they attend the salon. Unless a clear medical exemption is notified.


Should a client arrive without a mask, then salon staff will provide one.


Clients will be asked to complete a form on arrival to indicate their status as regards their current state of health and testing. The temperature of all clients will be taken on arrival.


Staff have always worn gloves for all waxing, electrolysis and for Comcit treatments.

The use of gloves may be extended to other treatments should the therapist deem it necessary. Therapist’s hands will be washed thoroughly prior to and after treatments take place. After handling cash, staff hands will be sanitised.


Due to the size and shape of the salon we have been able to keep the use of COVID signage to a minimum. So, there is no tape on the floor and no stickers for clients to stand on. Apart from the measures indicated above many clients have remarked that the salon appears to be a “covid free” zone in more ways than one.

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